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I’m looking forward to being an accessible and affordable partner in your health journey.

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Together we can work on:


Imagine this...

Together, we’ve created a wellness plan personalized just for YOU, with a focus on digestion, blood sugar regulation, vitamin & mineral balance, lifestyle and mindset. 

It’s sustainable, non-restrictive, and affordable. You’re eating delicious, nourishing meals that are satisfying and keep you energized all day long. You can go out and enjoy a meal with friends without worrying about food sensitivities, heartburn or uncomfortable bloating & gas. You wake up feeling rested and actually find joy moving your body. You feel like yourself again… and maybe even better than you ever have before!

I’ve designed my services for those who are tired of the “quick fix”, cookie cutter protocols, and want to reclaim their wellbeing for true, long-lasting health.

Ready to take control of your health?

My Services

Initial Assessment

Before we jump in, we need to gather some information first! During the Initial Assessment, we’ll take a deep dive into your health history & biggest concerns, identify the root cause of your symptoms, and map out your custom nutrition plan.

3 Month Package

My packages are designed for true-long term healing, which takes time. Throughout my packages, you can expect to level-up your nutrition knowledge, learn how to support your body's unique needs, and build lifelong healthy habits so you can feel your best!

6 Month Package

Sometimes our body requires a little extra time and nurturing to see improvement. My 6 month package offers all the benefits included in the 3 month package, for double the amount of time, to assure you receive the support necessary for your bio-individual journey.

What my clients are saying...

Krista was absolutely amazing to work with. My husband and I are always careful who we work with when it comes to my daughters GI issues because of years of being let down,  but I can say with 100% confidence that my daughter is in a far better place with her nutrition and learning about her body in the 6 months we’ve worked with Krista then the 6 years we’ve spent working with medical doctors and specialists. Krista is very personable, attentive, and caring. Highly recommend her!!

– Shay

“I could tell that Krista put a lot of care and attention into developing my plan of action which was prescriptive to my specific goals. As we put that plan into action, the changes were noticeable within a week. I wasn’t feeling bloated anymore after meals and stayed full longer throughout the day. I felt more energetic and experienced sharper mental clarity. Whenever I ran into unexpected roadblocks, Krista was always extremely respectful and collaborative in suggesting changes so we could continue to be successful.”

– Tony